My doctoral journey in psychology at the University of Tübingen was centered around exploring the neural and behavioral dimensions of empathy for pain. My accomplishments during my academic studies were recognized with a postgraduate fellowship from the state of Baden-Württemberg, providing support for my Ph.D. project. My expertise expanded to encompass various psychophysiological measurements, including electroencephalography and electrodermal activity, as well as the statistical analysis of such high-dimensional data. These skills not only solidified my foundation in psychology but also facilitated my venture into machine learning, enriching my subsequent research endeavors across both domains.

Media appearances:

Rehse-Knauff, L. (24.03.2022). Wann zeigen Menschen Empathie? Ursachen, Grenzen und Gefahren. Deutschlandfunk.

Kreiskott, M. (30.03.2022). Empathie für Ukraineflüchtlinge: Psychologin erklärt unser Verhalten. NDR Kultur.


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Peer-reviewed papers:

Fabi, S., Weber, L.A., & Leuthold, H. (2019). Empathic Concern and Personal Distress depend on situational but not dispositional factors. PLOS ONE, 14 (11), e0225102.

Fabi, S. (2018). How do we process pain in others? Investigating behavioral and neural correlates of empathy. (Dissertation thesis)

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