About me.

As an AI Researcher at Mercedes-Benz AG, my role encompasses the development of the Mercedes Virtual Assistant and facilitating the integration of generative AI within the company, blending my expertise in machine learning and psychology to create innovative solutions. My journey in this interdisciplinary field is marked by a unique combination of a Ph.D. in psychology and self-taught machine learning skills, culminating in a postdoctoral role. My work has been enriched by research stays at institutions like Stanford University and UC San Diego, where I merged these two domains to explore new frontiers.

My areas of interest are diverse and include:

  • Applying the knowledge and methods I acquired during my academic tenure to solve real-life problems, bridging the gap between theoretical research and practical application.
  • Exploring the potentials of large language models and diffusion models.
  • Applying psychological tools to understand state-of-the-art machine learning models.
  • Utilizing machine learning to tackle psychological research questions.

The synergy between machine learning and psychology has been a cornerstone of my research. For instance, I’ve applied psychological assessments, like the Cognitive Reflection Test, to explore intuitive decision-making in large language models. This interdisciplinary approach helps demystify the inner workings of machine learning models, drawing parallels with the complexity of human cognition.

This cross-pollination of ideas also extends to psychology. By using computer vision models to study racial bias in pain recognition, I’ve shown how machine learning can offer new perspectives on human perceptual processes, highlighting the mutual benefits of integrating these fields.

Personal life

My passion for pushing boundaries transcends my professional life. Mountain biking represents a perfect metaphor for my approach to challenges; it’s a sport that demands endurance, technical skill, and bravery. Transitioning from road biking, I’ve embraced the rigorous demands of mountain biking, finding joy in conquering steep hills and navigating treacherous trails.

Acting in musical performances has allowed me to explore artistic expressions beyond my academic pursuits. Despite lacking formal training in singing and dancing, I’ve found these experiences both enjoyable and enriching, further emphasizing my belief in lifelong learning and growth. 

Additionally, I spearheaded a national campaign engaging over 200 people to promote environmentally friendly living. This initiative not only demonstrated the power of collective action but also offered insights into the effectiveness of various promotional strategies through web page analytics.